Date: September 6, 2017 (2nd day of conference)
Venue: Campus Klein-Altendorf, Rheinbach, Germany

Call for Participation

System providers, researchers and users are invited to contribute with live demonstrations at the Demonstration Day of the UAV-g 2017, which takes place on September 6, 2017, at the Campus Klein-Altendorf. At the Demonstration Day we expect all participants of the UAV-g conference (200-250 people). We provide ground control points and high precision 3D reference data of the buildings at the flight area, which can be used to demonstrate the processing workflow and the quality of the results.

For participation, please fill out and sign the application form.


The flight event will take place at the “Forschungscampus Klein-Altendorf”, a research facility of the agricultural faculty of the University of Bonn.
Google maps:


The map shows the flight area in green. We provide for the whole flight area georeferenced ground control points. The start and landing area (marked in yellow) is close to some agricultural buildings. These buildings and their surrounding provide space for a exhibition (marked in blue). In the exhibition area we provide tables, but NO tents, but there is a roofing, in case of rain. A room with the possibility for presentation and workflow demonstration is within this building complex. For the area marked in orange we will provide high precision georeferenced 3D data, which is available to the exhibitors to demonstrate the quality of their products.


Every exhibitor gets a timeslot of about 20-30 minutes, to demonstrate its UAV and/or workflow in action. It is also possible to demonstrate workflow and measurement results in an additional timeslot. As the number of time slots is limited, they will be offered on a first come first serve basis. During the day the companies are free to supply and distribute flyers and other information material to the conference participants.


To operate an UAV in Germany, an “authorization to fly” is needed. This will be organized for the exhibitors, given the following conditions

  • The maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft has to below 25kg
  • The flight height has to be below 100m
  • The aircraft has no combustion engine

The exhibitors have to provide the following information in the application form to obtain a permission to operate the aircraft on the Demonstration Day

  • The name, date and place of birth, and address of the applicant or in case of a business, the name of the company, as well as the name, address, date and place of birth of the registered agent and of all employees who will operate the UAS;
  • A short description of the flight experience of the pilots and any available flight certificates
  • The reason for the operation of the UAS
  • Proof of sufficient insurance for personal and property damage according to section 37, para. 1a and section 43 of the Air Traffic Act. 17:
  • A technical description of the aircraft

Please note, that the operation of the aircraft is only possible, after the “authorization to fly” has been granted. The authorization will be restricted to the day and the location of the event.


The fee for participation is included in the registration fee of the conference. Any infrastructure except tables has to be brought to the site by the participants. For people only participating in the demonstration day without registering for the conference, please contact the organizers.

For further information please contact