Please use the template below for your workshop proposal (1-3 pages).

Send your proposals by email to


1. Type of Event [e.g., workshop, tutorial]

2. Title of Proposed Event

3. Organizers
[Please provide email addresses, URLs, affiliations.
Briefly explain why the team is a good fit for organizing this workshop.
Indicate which one of the organizers will act as the contact person. ]

4. URL for event (optional)
[If possible, the link should be active at the time of the proposal with
preliminary/tentative information.  The page should clearly indicate
that it is a “Proposed UAVg Event”.]

5. Duration
[1/2 day or 1 day]

6. Abstract
[This should be a short paragraph that will be used to advertise the
workshop through the web page of UAVg. Please limit the abstract to 500
words. The abstract will be used to describe the workshop on the website.]

7. List of speakers/participants
[Provide a list of speakers and potential topics.
Indicate whether speakers have been confirmed or that their
final confirmation is pending.]

8. Description of the event
[Please provide details regarding the event, such as intended schedule
and structure, e.g., sessions, discussion, panels, debates, poster sessions.
What steps will you take in order to
encourage discussion and interactions during the event?
Also describe if you will be soliciting contributed papers
and what the format for presenting them will be (e.g. poster only,
poster plus 1 or 5min spotlight talk, regular talk).]

9. Plan for soliciting participation
[Describe what steps you will take in order to advertise and encourage
participation in your event.]