Welcome to Bonn, one of the oldest and most history-charged cities in Germany!

The Federal City of Bonn is located in the south of Cologne and at the riverside of the Rhine. It has a population of 311,287 inhabitants. Until the ’90s and the German reunification, it was the German federal capital and till 1999, it was the German seat of government. Now, Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany and looks back on a long history with Germanic and Roman colonies. A long time, it was ranked as electorate and residential city. Today it is the site of a lot well known concerns and companies.

When you arrive, you will may reach the main station of Bonn either with the train or tram. Here, you are directly at the heart of the city and you can feel the rapid and exciting pulse of the life in Bonn. You are free to get easily to all central places and hotspots.

Only a few steps down of the portal of the main station and you are right in the inner city. Beside a lot of tradition-conscious stores, boulangeries, patisseries and coffee roasting houses, here, the modern and terrific student’s life takes place. Stroll through the alleys and enjoy the young boutiques, the small and contorted shops and the market places that vibrant with activity. Going eastward, you will get fast to the Rhine and with this, you will leave the turbulent city and enter a little oasis of rest. In the background you can already see the Post Tower and the World Conference Center and the Langer Eugen, which was the house of represantatives in the past. Today, it is a famous landmark of the city of Bonn. The left bank of the Rhine is lined by the Rhine Promenade and leads in to a silent park area, the Rheinaue Leisure Park. Concurrently, the Leisure Park is meeting point, a local recreation and resting area for kids, families, students and pensioners as well as businessmen.

But the way along the Rhine Promenade provides another special feature. Within a scholar initiative, a group of pupils designed a planet trail along a nearly 6 km path on the left bank of the Rhine. This trail reconstructs our solar system in a one-to-one-billion scale model with the sun at the end of this path, directly at the foot of the water utility at the Stresemannufer. Not far from here is the venue of our UAV-g Conference, the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute.

If you have time enough up to the next speech, just take advantage of the situation and go to the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany. Experience the contemporary, german history since 1945 in a permanent exhibition in one of the most visited museums of Germany. With that, the House of History offers a great chance to get to know the recent history of Bonn and Germany. Especially for foreign guests it has a valuable enrichment. The museum is located on the Museums Mile of the city, where you can find the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany and other museums, too.

Just follow northwards the Adenauerallee and pass the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Audit Office, then you get easily to the Arithmeum. The Arithmeum is a research institute of the discrete mathematics, but on the other hand it is a museum that shows the technological development of calculating machines. Kitty-corner, you can see the big garden of the main building of the university, another meeting point for the young and old people of Bonn.

Here and at other places, you can find university institutions nearly everywhere in the city. The university of Bonn is is one of the most famous, considerable and venerable education institutes in Germany. With it’s numerous old buildings, palaces and botanic gardens and parks it dominates the urban image. Go to The University Of Bonn to get more detailled information about the institutes and facilities.

From here, it is just a stone’s throw back to the main station.

Visit us and discover the city on your own! Soon, you will see that there are a lot of other places and locations you can spot! It will be a pleasure to host you in this nice and familiar city at the bank of the Rhine!

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