The Tutorials and Workshop will be held on Monday, 4 September, 2017 and they will take place at the main conference venue.


Building and Controlling Using V-REP and ROS


Organizer: Ahmad Kamal Nasir

Course website: Building and Controlling Using V-REP and ROS

Duration: 1/2 Day

Room C

Abstract: This tutorial provides a hands-on sessions to build a simple mobile robot in V-REP equipped with range sensors and to program it through ROS. The tutorial shall introduce the participants about V-REP, a software to build and simulate robots, creating a virtual scene, mounting range sensors and interfacing it with ROS. The tutorial is complemented by some pre-designed activities in which the participants shall complete a partially written wall-following program.
This workshop is ideal for students and professionals who wish to get an entry into programming robots, for teachers who wish to add robot based assignments to motivate their students and for students who wish to equip themselves to develop robotic applications for interest or for participating in competitions.

The tutorial is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Registration is required and on first-come basis. Please find the registration webform on the website of this tutorial.

Towards Real Time Visual Odometry and Mapping with UAVs

Organizer: Wolfgang Förstner

Duration: 1 Day

Room A


Abstract: This tutorial discusses techniques for enabling UAVs to perform mapping in real time, i.e. already before the flight mission is finished. We discuss (1) real time odometry based on incremental bundle adjustment using data from video sequences, GPS and IMU which allows high accurate pose determination with a delay below one second in partially GPS denied environments, and (2) methods for real time semi-dense surface reconstruction from images which can be used for detecting obstacles and checking completeness of object coverage. We provide concepts and experimental results.

The tutorial addresses researchers and software developers who are interested in developing and evaluating software tools for next generation UAVs.


  • Real Time Potential of UAV Mapping
  • Statistical Estimation of Rotations, Motions, and Similarities
  • Bundle Adjustment for Visual Odometry
  • Integrated Real Time Visual Odometry
  • Planning, Theoretical and Empirical Results
  • Surface Reconstruction and Simultaneous Localization an Mapping



UAVs for Agricultural and Multispectral Remote Sensing (AG-SPEC)

Organizer: Frank Liebisch, Juan Nieto and Raghav Khanna

Website: AG-SPEC Workshop 2017

Duration: 1/2 Day

Room D

Abstract: The workshop will bring researchers and early adopters of remote sensing technology together with UAV and sensor manufacturers, software developers from industry to communicate different setups which are currently being used and highlight their advantages along with the challenges which need to be addressed for widespread use and adoption of these tools.

The workshop UAV in 3D for 3D (UAV-3D2) has been canceled due too few submissions.